Which fruit are you made of…

Plums are my ethnobotany. I feel their goodness in me. They have sustained me for years. I have grown and preserved them in my gardens, devoured them! They grow plentifully in my ancestral home. I have been lucky to have been surrounded by plum trees.

Towards the end of summer, there would be plums everywhere in the house, waiting, oozing sweetness.

We are not passionate enough about fruit trees. We need to reclaim ownership and care for them more.

Currently reading about ethnobotany, lemons in Italy, who owns our fruit and who owns us.

Jay Rayner’s A Greedy Man in a Hungry World is recommended. We need to be proactive about our food chains!

Root and Brassica

It’s a Sunday and I am avoiding the administration pile. I’d rather cook! Yesterday I found Delia’s recipe for honey and spice cake and then put together vegetable curry. Today is for soup.

If you have done the work it takes to grow root vegetables and those strange flower heads of the cabbage family, you will probably really appreciate them! To raise them organically is quite a task. Caterpillars and cabbages are made for each other as are root and fly. I haven’t grown anything for a couple of years, not having a garden or allotment since returning to the Wild West Riding.

Today’s soup is a simple winter warmer. Leek, celery, carrot, garlic. Celeriac, potato, savoy cabbage. Vegetable stock, thyme, water. Plenty of pepper. Have it blended or not. Top it with parmesan or bacon if it’s to your taste. But don’t hold back on the pepper!

I like the change that comes with seasons and I eat seasonally. The colours are enticing as are the smells, when married with the right herbs. And veg are so good for you – did I need to say that.

Do I sign up for an allotment? I could investigate the process.