Knitting in Venice

As I walked down all the tiny streets and over bridges in central Venice I was bombarded by design and fashion. Most of it was luxurious. Some of it was fronted by men selling contraband right in front of Prada’s windows, calling to the tourists to buy their genuine look-a-like goods. At times I felt uncomfortable with this contrast between high-fashion couture set in air-conditioned shops and the men who stayed put on the streets in the sun until caught – which seemed to rarely happen.

I looked out for the original, small artisan seller. Paper, glass and jewellery makers were dotted about here and there. I recall my mother and her friends being very fond of Italian gold – it has a certain patina and weight that distinguishes it from all the others.

Then I found a yarn shop with ┬ásmiling knitters inside, despite 38C of heat every day…and like all yarn people, were extremely helpful. They told me their story and all about their yarns. We talked in a combination of English and Italian, enabling each other. We decided to stay in touch to share.

Dio benedice i maghi italiani!


Find room for love

Have I said how much I adore Christian Schloe’s imagery? His paintings speak to me.

When acts of violence happen we automatically think of our loved ones, especially people not by our side.

Unlock your inner universe and share it. You are as big on the inside as the world is on the outside. Dig deep and find a common love.

Think of people living with conflict every day. Ask why war fuels hate, why it is kept going.

Ask our politicians what matters most – peace for all or the selling of arms.