Find room for love

Have I said how much I adore Christian Schloe’s imagery? His paintings speak to me.

When acts of violence happen we automatically think of our loved ones, especially people not by our side.

Unlock your inner universe and share it. You are as big on the inside as the world is on the outside. Dig deep and find a common love.

Think of people living with conflict every day. Ask why war fuels hate, why it is kept going.

Ask our politicians what matters most – peace for all or the selling of arms.

How to save a heart

Peace by day
The beast unleashes itself at midnight
Screaming obscenities
Hurling objects
She not he
A recurring pattern, fuelled

A baby cat, like a child
In amongst all that, cowering
Be careful what you teach your children
About relationships
Or they will grow up
Shouting abuse in the middle of the night

Kind and loving words save hearts

Journalling the journey.

You won’t fully understand the human condition until your very last breath said my mother. Only then will there be total realisation. Of course, you won’t be able to tell anyone what you learnt in those last moments.

And so the story of humanity goes on. Keep learning, even when everyone around you has stopped.

Write everything you witness, hear, see. Keep that journal going. I want everyone who can,  to do this. It’s important, especially if you believe in human rights, in Mother Earth and all  her little babies.

Write and the world writes with you. If they stop, it’s your duty to keep going. It’s another new year, therefore another new start. There’s always a new opportunity to do what you said you would.

The Rooster is the dawn announcer. It can discern what is coming. Happy Chinese New Year….